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NOPIA Autumn School Provisional Program

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NOPIA Autumn School

9th November 2018
Aula UGent, Volderstraat, Ghent, Belgium


Dear Colleagues, Speakers, Moderators and Friends,

With exception of the 4 classical keynote lectures, we use a different set-up for all other lectures.
There is 1 interview based consultation type of session and 6 case build educational sessions of whom 2 longer ones and 4 shorter ones.

Each case build educational session starts with a case presented by the moderator, the audience can vote, the result is displayed and compared to the results of an expert panel that voted the same case or a guideline.
Educational short lectures of 5 min will discuss the difficult aspects of the case and learn the audience how to deal with each aspect of multi-causal nocturia.
Each short lecture is followed by a discussion.

The cases will provided.



09:00 09:15                     Introduction movie and welcome             

K. Everaert (B)


09:15 – 09:30                     Definitions, prevalence, multifactorial nocturia  

Moderator K Everaert (B)

Speaker: AS Goessaert (B)


09:30 – 09:50                     Nocturia, EAU guidelines

Moderator K Everaert (B)

Speaker: A. Tubaro (I)


09:50 – 10:45                     Case : Bladder/BPH versus kidney

Moderator: S Mourad ( (EG) case 5+5min


J Vande Walle (B): the kidney 5+5min

S Arlandis (ES): the prostate 5+5min

J Weiss (USA): relation bladder and kidney, NBCi 5+5 min

F Hervé (B): nocturia only retention 5+5min


10:45 – 11:40                     Case : Sleep                                       

Moderator: J Weiss (USA) case 5+5 min


D Bliwise (USA): FUSP 5+5 min

J Vande Walle (B): relation kidney and sleep 5+5 min

A Mariman (B): OSAS 5+5 min

K Dhondt (B): RLS/insomnia 5+5 min


11:40 – 12:00                     Decreasing vasopressin related diuresis 

Moderator: J Vande Walle (B)

Speaker JP Nørgaard (DK)


12:00 – 12:30                     Patient oriented care and Intercultural differences          

Moderator: A. Tubaro (I)


S Mourad (EG): interview Arab patient 5+5min

W Bower (AU): interview Chinese patient 5+5min

T Holm-Larsen (DK): patient oriented care  7+3 min


12:30 –  13:30                    LUNCH


13:30 – 14:15                     Case : menopause          

Moderator:  F. Hervé (B) case 5+5 min


AS Goessaert (B): hormones and kidney 5+5 min

K. Everaert (B): hormones and bladder  5+5 min

H Depypere (B): HRT in menopause 5+5 min


14:15 – 15:00                     Case : CV/edema            

Moderator: A. Tubaro (I) case 5+5 min


D Vogelaers (B): “de NOVO nocturia” 5+5 min

T De Backer (B): hypertension and nocturia 5+5 min

K. Everaert (B): heart failure/varicose veins 5+5 min


15:00 – 15:45                     Case : Elderly                     

Moderator: AS. Goessaert (B) case 5+5 min


A Wagg (C): Falls  5+5 min

M Petrovic (B): cognition 5+5 min

W Bower (AU): NEED for NOW 5+5 min


15:45 – 16:30                     Case : Obesity                   

Moderator: J. Vande Walle (BE) case 5+5 min


S. Arlandis: metabolic syndrome and LUTS (bladder and prostate) 5+5 min

F. Hervé (B): metabolic syndrome/obesity and the kidney  5+5 min

W Bower (AU): TANGO as a screening tool for multicausal nocturia  5+5 min


16:30 – 16:50                     Diagnosis and treatment algorithm                                         

Moderator: JP Nørgaard (DK)

Speaker: K Everaert (B)


16:50 – 17:00                     Wrap up and summary  JP Nørgaard (DK)


Each of the cases will consist of presentations and discussion.

Coffee and tea available all day.


Supported by a Ferring grant


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