New Interdisciplinary Research Consortium of the Ghent University, founded by the NOPIA research group, which will develop life style solutions for health problems that are linked to the circadian rhythm, with a focus on sleeping problems in relation to nocturia.

Within the RESTLES consortium we are planning to start with 8 projects:

1) Effect of nutrition on diuresis in humans and animals, development of a diuresis index for food.

2) Development of an urinary catheter only to be used during the night (probe in the urethra or via continent stoma)

3) "The 3rd space": from fluid intake to voiding: Deuterium as a biological marker for the study of the intercellular space. Development of new treatments for edema and polyuria

4) The effect of music on sleep quality, development of guidelines and applications to improve sleep quality

5) Human and animal pain: the influence on sleep and the development and implementation of a multi-dimensional pain assessment method

6) Development physical training instrument to prevent falls

7) Incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD), sleep and nocturia: impact on wound prevention and healing, impact on quality of life, social inclusion, daytime activity level + development of new techniques and treatments

8) Use of robots in data collection and fall prevention in service flats, collaboration with an existing pilot project: ReMIND


Overview current consortium partners per faculty/discipline








Food and diet


Mathias Devreese

Pascal Boeckx

Tine Vervoort

Marc Leman

Frederik Leys

Nico De Witte

Willem De Keyzer



John Van Camp



Jan Vanfleteren



Medicine, UZGent



Sleep clinic





Public Health


Karel Everaert

Johan Vande Walle

Karlien D' Hondt

Mirko Petrovic

Tine De Backer

Patrick Calders

Catherine Van Der Straeten

Dimitri Beeckman

Herman Depypere

 Saskia Roggeman

 Marijn Speeckaert

Dirk Vogelaers

Anja Velghe


Annick Viaene

 Lieve Nuytinck





An Mariman



Prof. Karel Everaert

1st Promotor: Prof. Karel Everaert, Urology, NOPIA

Prof. Pascal Boeckx

2nd Promotor: Prof. Pascal Boeckx, Bio-engineering, ISOFYS

Dr. Saskia Roggeman

Post-doc research coordinator: Dr. Saskia Roggeman, Urology, NOPIA

Members :

Engineers :

Dr. Frederik Leys

Prof. Jan Vanfleteren

Bio-engineering, Food:

Prof. John Van Camp

Nursery :

Dr. Nico De Witte

Psychology :

Prof. Tine Vervoort

Food and diet :

Dr. Willem De Keyzer

Veterinary :

Prof. Mathias Devreese

Musicology :

Prof. Marc Leman

Nephrology :

Prof. Johan Vande Walle

Marijn Speeckaert

Cardiology :

Prof. Tine De Backer

Gynaecology :

Prof. Herman Depypere

Public health and AID :

Prof. Dimitri Beeckman

Sleep Clinique :

Prof. Dirk Vogelaers

Prof. An Mariman

Prof. Karlien Dhondt

Geriatrics :

Prof. Mirko Petrovic

Dr. Anja Velghe

Revalidation :

Prof. Patrick Calders

Annick Viaene


Prof. Catherine Van Der Straeten

Dr. Lieve Nuytinck

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